Thursday 1/30

One web application I used for a school project is Google Slides. I liked google because more than one person can work on the project at one time. Brandon and I did a presentation on the & habits of highly effective teens. Since we could both access it from to computers was helpful in getting it done.

Wednesday 1/29

A student could definitely benefit from using a cellphone in the classroom. Most cellphones ┬áhave a calculator on them. That could help a kid in math class or any class that requires one. They could also listen to music. The reason this is a good thing is because after a test someone could stick their headphones in and the teacher wouldn’t have to worry about people talking while test are out. That’s why students could benefit from using cellphones in school.

Friday 1/24

It is important to be able to type because it can help you out a lot. You can type a report way faster than if you write one. You also have the advantages of spell checker and other things. It can also help you get a job. Many jobs require someone who can type.